Hyundai H1 I-MAX (Deluxe) 2015

Hyundai H1 I-MAX (Deluxe) 2015
Hyundai H1 I-MAX (Deluxe) 2015


1-2 hours: $250.00

3-5 hours: $220.00

5+ hours: $200.00

* Prices are per hour. Conditions apply


Colour: Black
Seats: 8

Transmission: Automatic
Body Style: Wagon/Van
Layout: Front Engine Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: Front

Power: 129kw
0-100 km/h: 8.2
Top Speed: 220 km/h
Weight: 2128

If you really need a luxury 8-9 seat people mover, the H1 iMax is almost the default choice with total value for money.

With 8-9 leather seats, tinted windows, alloy wheels and a bluetooth audio GPS system as standard features, this vehicle has nothing to shy away from it's German competitors.

There are only a few genuine people movers on our showroom floor, if you discount the seven-seater SUVs. Even less when you count the number of eight-seaters and fewer still if you want to carry eight people with plentifull luggage space.

*9 Seat version available upon request.

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Hyundai H1 I-MAX (Deluxe) 2015

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